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One of the services that Softwash Cleaning provide are house washing services. House washings are necessary for homeowners for multiple reasons, including general home hygiene and cleanliness to preparing a home for sale. A simple wash to the exterior of your house (including your roof and washing your windows) can make a massive difference both on the aesthetics of the home and the resale value of your home, as most people prefer to buy newer rather than older.

As the premier house cleaning Melbourne based company, it is important for us that your home cleaning services are both cost-effective, efficient and highly professional. There are many exterior house cleaning Melbourne based companies that offer a great service and at great prices, but none can beat ours. Softwash Cleaning use the most modern technologies to assist our highly experienced technicians, and we can ensure that our house washing Melbourne services are not beaten by anyone else.



With Softwash Cleaning, our focus will be the exterior house washing of your property. The exterior of your home is the first and most noticeable part of your property for guests, family and friends and even potential buyers of your home, which is why it is important to make a good first impression. An exterior house cleaning service will be exactly what you need to make sure that your home makes that good first impression and ensures that your home looks just as great on the outside as it will on the inside!

Cleaning the exterior of our homes is generally overlooked. We pay attention to our living areas and tend to disregard the outside areas. Cleaning the exterior of the home is vital in the protection of the materials used in construction. Render, bricks, wood and other materials can break down over time. A build-up of dirt, pests, grease and other extraneous materials can speed up the process of corrosion. A simple clean of the exterior of the home can prevent long-term issues in future and drastically increase your curb appeal. Not only will it increase the look of the property, it will also remove any germs of bacteria which can be harmful to you and your family. If you have outdoor pets it can also remove allergens on the surfaces and in the air caused by pet hair. 

Washing the outside of the home includes the main features such as walls, fencing, roofing, windows, ceilings, under eaves and other feature areas such as mailboxes or statues. A whole home clean can be more affordable than you may think and can work to save you money in the long run. At Softwash Cleaning our expert team are fully equipped with the right tools and equipment needed to provide you an excellent all-round service and finished product. We have been conducting thorough exterior cleaning for a long time and have identified the very best processes, products and tools to use for the best overall results. In the current climate it is vital that we keep the areas surrounding our home clean and free of dangerous germs and bacteria which can cause nasty illnesses.

To find out more about all of the great cleaning services that we offer, or to book in a full exterior house cleaning service get in touch with our team today.

Weatherboard soft washing

Pressure washing can be harsh on surfaces, and while that it great to blast away grime, dirt and dust, it can damage delecate surfaces. Softwashing is the perfect solution for delicate surfaces like weatherboard, it has a minimal impact on the integrity of structure and finish. Soft washing is a ‘low pressure,’ alternative cleaning method that involves the application of a specially formulated cleaning solution which is later washed off with a regular hose after having time to activate and effectively attack the grime and mould on your outdoor surfaces. Keep your weatherboard home in perfect condition, and clean from dirt, grime, mould and more!


The render on your home can get tired in appearance because of mould, pollution and general grime. Clean and protect your render from mould, litchen, dirt and grime build up. Regular maintenance will not only keep it looking pristeen, but will extend the life and prevent further damage. Our softwash will breathe new life into your render, and bring it back to it’s orginal condition.

exterior window washing

Window washing services are important for your home, as you will want your windows as clean and clear as can be for visitors and yourself.

Many customers find a window washing service to be useful for multiple reasons such as general aesthetics for their home, hygiene or for when they want to improve the exterior of a home prior to a sale. If any of these are applicable to you, then you should contact us for a window washing in Melbourne today. Not only do we provide a cost-effective service, our cleaners are highly professional and ensure that each job is completed to the highest efficiency. What makes our window cleaning service in Melbourne so great is that we use soft wash techniques to ensure that the entire surface area of the window is cleaned. This is the most important aspect to ensure that the job is completed to the fullest, and to ensure that the window itself is completely see through.


One of the most popular questions we are asked is the exterior house cleaning prices that we offer. Of course, it’s difficult to give an exact price as it depends on multiple factors including the overall square foot of your home, the labour time that it will take and how dirty or stained the exterior of your house currently is. However, there are average costs that we can suggest.

High-pressure external house cleaning prices are primarily based on square metreage. There are also additional prices depending on what areas of your home need to be cleaned. For example, there may be costs for driveways, for patio paving and home exteriors depending on the overall square foot.




That’s easy, give us a call! We are more than happy to discuss your cleaning needs and book in an appointment, an on-site visit, or, provide you with a quote. You can get in touch with us either by phone, email or you can fill out one of the forms found on our website.
You sure can. In most cases we are able to provide you with a relatively accurate quote straight over the phone for most of our services. We know that not all properties are the same, so we will ask you a few questions to get a better picture of the work that we will need to conduct.
Soft washing is simply the most effective and best cleaning method available. Soft wash cleaning is the application of cleaning agents through a low pressure system that is effective for the cleaning of pressure sensitive surfaces such as weather boards, render and hard to reach places
No, we don’t just stop at Softwash Cleaning! We also provide high pressure cleaning services for both commercial and residential.  Yep, you heard right we are the whole package.
At Softwash Cleaning we make it our goal to give our clients the very best results. We take care of a wide range of services for different areas, surfaces and locations. We are hugely experienced in all of the services we provide and the equipment that we operate. We adapt to all of the changes in our business and the needs of the public to ensure that we are providing the services that people need for their homes and businesses.
To achieve the best results, we will assess the type of surface, size, shape, height and more to assess the very best technique to use for the area. We also take care of all kinds of glass products such as sliding doors, glass pool fencing and more. To find out about cleaning for a specific surface, get in touch with us today.
This will depend on a number of factors. We will always provide you with an estimated timeframe for our services so that you know how long we will be occupying the area and completing our cleaning. We want to reduce our interruption to you and your home so will always complete our work quickly but effectively!
Yes, we have all the necessary insurance in place.
You will notice you need a Softwash clean when your walls, the driveway or hard scapes in your yard—and see any discoloration, streaking, staining, blotchy dark areas or just even general dullness …well that then means your property is ready for our team to save the day. Your home is your biggest investment and weather its to maintain your home or to put it on the market, it’s a good idea to be on top of your homes exterior cleaning before it gets unmanageable.
We cover all areas of Melbourne. Please call us to confirm so we can book you in advance.
No we most certainly do not! We will visit your property and provide a written, no-obligation quotation. Some clients may want a very quick rough estimate to see if costs viable and within their budget. We can sometimes provide a rough estimate on property fronts from Google street view photos, but these are just estimates. Street view photos may be over a year or two old, may only show property frontage and is not always easy to see all defects. Please note, this is only a guideline estimate and may change considerably on viewing.

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