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While Australia is lucky to be home to so many beautiful species of birds, living amongst them in an urban environment means some of these birds do become a nuisance.

Are pigeons or other birds causing you issues at home? Birds are often attracted to shelter that can provide them with warmth, food or water and our homes provide them with all of those things. It is common for birds to create their nests in roofs, on air conditioner vents, on ledges and eaves, inside gutters and on verandahs. Birds can cause damage to all of these areas, not only from the mess they make but also in the creation of their nests and the amount of birds present.

Protect Your Home From Birds & Pigeons

Not only do birds cause damage to the home or workplace, they can also be the cause of health risks, they make disruptive noises and some birds even swoop. Softwash Cleaning now offers pigeon and bird proofing services to help keep your home bird free. No matter the size of your bird infestation, Softwash Cleaning Melbourne has a bird and pigeon proofing solution to suit you.

The team at Softwash Cleaning can help provide solutions to keep these birds away, and prevent them from making a mess on your property. We prioritise effective bird proofing strategies that are humane, effective and customised to your needs. No matter if you currently have a bird problem, or you are trying to prevent one, there are a number of strategies we can implement to bird proof your home. All of our bird proofing solutions are also effective pigeon proofing strategies that help you keep the exterior of your home pigeon free.

Bird Netting Installation Melbourne

One solution for keeping birds away from your premises is bird netting. We can design and install bird netting to keep birds off your property, and ensure they can no longer nest or perch in areas where your family socialises or where the birds have been causing damage. An alternative to netting is the installation of bird spikes, wherein we place spikes strategically around ledges, fences and flat surfaces to prevent birds from nesting or resting in those areas.

Bird and pigeon proofing goes beyond netting – Softwash Cleaning also offers bird and pigeon proofing for your solar panels. It isn’t uncommon for pigeons and other birds to make their nests in and around your solar panels, and this can become a real issue. To keep your solar panels clean and functional, and to stop birds from taking over your roof, contact us at Softwash Cleaning. We can provide necessary, environmentally friendly solutions to stop birds from nesting around your solar panels.

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Soft washing is simply the most effective and best cleaning method available. Soft wash cleaning is the application of cleaning agents through a low pressure system that is effective for the cleaning of pressure sensitive surfaces such as weather boards, render and hard to reach places
No, we don’t just stop at Softwash Cleaning! We also provide high pressure cleaning services for both commercial and residential.  Yep, you heard right we are the whole package.
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You will notice you need a Softwash clean when your walls, the driveway or hard scapes in your yard—and see any discoloration, streaking, staining, blotchy dark areas or just even general dullness …well that then means your property is ready for our team to save the day. Your home is your biggest investment and weather its to maintain your home or to put it on the market, it’s a good idea to be on top of your homes exterior cleaning before it gets unmanageable.
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Our bird proofing materials are of the highest grade and will not cause any damage or harm to your property

We offer our clients the standard manufacturers warranty on all our materials and offer a further 5 year warranty on installation.

We are equipped with the necessary equipment to ensure that your property is free from toxic pigeon droppings before we install any bird proofing materials.

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