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Commercial Window Washing Melbourne



You may be surprised how many window cleaning Melbourne based companies there are, and you may also ask what makes Softwash Cleaning any different.

The fact is, we provide the best window washing services because of our highly trained and experienced cleaners, and our modern technology compared to our counterparts. We always invest back into our own business, and this includes training to ensure that our cleaners remain the best, but also includes improvements to the equipment that we use. What makes our window cleaning service in Melbourne so great is that we use soft wash techniques to ensure that the entire surface area of the window is cleaned. This is the most important aspect to ensure that the job is completed to the fullest, and to ensure that the window itself is completely see through.

Benefits of Professional Window Cleaning Services

Opting for professional window washing can make a huge difference to the overall finished product. Our fantastic team are highly experienced in both interior and exterior window cleaning and come fully equipped with the most effective softwashing equipment.

Choosing to bring in a professional window cleaning service comes with a number of benefits.

Overall result – A professional window cleaning service will be able to achieve the best possible results driven from their extensive experience.

Equipment – Professional cleaning services are equipped with commercial-grade cleaning equipment which can generally provide better results than the equipment on hand at home.

Safety – Professional window cleaners are experienced in the WHS requirements associated with working at heights and with specific chemicals.

Experience – Hiring an experienced professional to take care of your window cleaning should increase the overall result of the work completed.

Affordable – Professional cleaning services are more affordable than you may think. Our team provide excellent services to homes and businesses in Melbourne at a very competitive price.

Increase life of product – Ongoing cleaning of your window surfaces will actually work to increase the life of your product by removing the debris and dirt that can actually damage the panes of glass.

Increase curb appeal – Cleaning your windows can increase the overall curb appeal of your property.

Increase property value – Conducting a thorough clean of the windows of a property can actually slightly increase the value of the property which can be beneficial prior to selling.


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Common Faq

most question ask

We use a variation of techniques and equipment to clean your windows. 

To achieve the best results, we will assess the type of windows, size, shape, height and more to assess the very best technique to use for the area. 


As we don’t want to get in the way of your work or customers, we strive to clean with minimal disruption on your premises. 

We may ask for pathways and entrances to be clear of objects and block sections for the safety of your customers.

  • Ready access to power and water
  • Objects that cant get wet moved
  • Clear access to cleaning areas

We’ll put up signs around the area we’re working in to keep customers and employees safe from possible slips, along with following public and EPA environmental safety laws.


Everyone knows what high-pressure washing involves – hitting something full strength with high water pressure.

Well, softwash cleaning is the opposite! And although it’s a new concept in Australia, it’s been widely used in the UK and USA for over 20 years.

Using a special formula soap (that’s perfectly safe for pets and plants), surfaces are gently sprayed. After leaving it to do its magic, a low-pressure hose is used to rinse off the surface, leaving you with a fresh and clean surface.

It’s perfect for all surfaces and a great alternative other than the traditional high-pressure washing methods.


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